My name is Rebecca, but you can call me Becca.

I am a freelance illustrator, gallery artist, stop-motion dabbler, lover of animals and life in general.  I drink too much coffee and I have a serious fascination with party hats. The more time I spend illustrating, the more socially awkward I become so bear with me. 

When I'm not making things, I can be found cooking, running, reading, walking my dog, or dreaming up too many large ideas that may never come to fruition.

I currently reside in Denver, Colorado with my partner, Matt, and our animal babies, Mori Httori and Junie B.

Selected Clients: Wall Street Journal, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Meijer, Flow Magazine, AAA Washington, Pharmacy Practice+, Sal Oppenhiem, Minnesota Monthly, Portland Alternative Dwellings, Kendall College of Art and Design, Amtrak, Bitch Magazine, CraftSanity Magazine, Grand Rapids Community College, and Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand. 


Represented Internationally by Anna Goodson Illustration Agency:


Gallery Representation in Michigan by Lafontsee Gallery 1.616.451.9820