This year has already been insane. INSANE. Great but so busy. Where's the time to explore Denver, make new friends, and paint for myself?

Here are a couple of project's I recently finished:

FLOW's Tiny House Article. This one was so fun. I did the single page and a spread and a couple spots. You can check them all out here! These were done in acrylic and graphite on acrylic painting paper. 

I also recently finished an editorial piece for Sal Oppenhiem's Client Magazine, 225 Plus, for an article about Russian Literature. Check out some details here. Also showing a little sketch!

And...lets see, I've done a couple editorial pieces for the Wall Street Journal and AAA Washington...

And.....every Monday I've been working on a fundraiser to raise money to attend ICON 8, the Illustration Conference this summer in Portland OR. My friend and fellow illustrator, Greg Oberle and I have been selling a piece every week for ten weeks. I cannot wait to attend the conference - Carson Ellis is speaking and I might barf or pass out in the crowd. Either way, everyone that has been entering their names to purchase the paintings every week needs to be hugged. You're all SO awesome. Here's one of the pieces I finished for it. 

Stayed tuned in the next month, as prints of these pieces are coming your way! 


AND I think that's it. I won't bore you with all the other stuff that takes up my time like taxes and income and expenses and shipping and packing and invoicing and eating and cleaning up cat puke and client contracts and all the other fun stuff involved with being an illustrator. 



I was invited to do some illustrations for the last issue of Flow Magazine for their article about friendship lists. I love working for them - they are always such sweet and fresh projects and I have so much freedom to create what I really want to. Here are some illustrations for the article..

Woohoo! Coffee toast to working with incredible people all over the world. Even though most of my days are spent alone, I am lucky to feel connected to so many people. 

Boiron Commercials!

This week Boiron released it's second commercial that I worked on for Arnicare! In the fall, I worked with TEAK, a digital storytelling company to create these animations. I did the character development along with the illustrated layers, and their animator, Eric, put all of this together to make a moving picture - which to me is more fascinating than pulling a giant rabbit from out of thin air. 

Check out a number of stills along with the video here!


Today, my friend Greg Oberle and I launched a new project called, TEN for EIGHT : ICON 8 or BUST! We are selling ten paintings each, one a week, and the funds are going towards tickets and travel to get us both to the upcoming Icon 8 National Illustration Conference. We both attended Icon 6, and really can't wait to go this year if we meet our goal. I think I might faint, but Carson Ellis is the feature illustrator and that makes me want to puke in my mouth out of sheer joy. It will be amazing to hear her talk. 

Today at 3, our first paintings were released! Thank you to Shannon who was lightning fast and snagged this first painting! If you'd like to snag the next one, we will be sharing them every Monday for the next nine weeks, 3 pm EST. They are $100 + Shipping  (regularly $350 so *ahem* it's quite a steal). 

This week's painting is titled, "The Night is Here" 10x10" Acrylic and Liquid Gold Leaf on Archival Paper. 

Alright! I am off to get more work done today and go buy a new paintbrush. <3 Much love to everyone who emailed in this afternoon - hope to hear from you next Monday! 



Two Illustrators. 
Rebecca Green and Gregory Oberle. 
Ten pieces Each. 
$100 per piece (a.k.a. Dirt Cheap)

Help us get to Icon 8, the upcoming national illustration conference, and we'll help you awesome up your art collection. 

Details to follow in the morning! First piece will be available to purchase tomorrow!

co > mi > co

This last couple of weeks I spent in my home state of Michigan. It was so nice to take a breather, see some familiar faces, and take a step back from work. While I was there, I did a demo at HaveCompany, and it was the best turnout. I couldn't believe how many people came and how much support was shown. Thank you to everyone who made it down that night, my heart was just so full. Here was the drawing of the demo before and after. (After photo credit: Marlee Grace). 


As much as I love that mitten, I am so glad to be back in my studio in snowy Colorado. It's just me and my pup, my paint brushes, and many new ideas sputtering around in my head. 

Material Girl

For the winter issue of Material Girl, I was invited to do an interview called, "The Day I..." I chose to illustrate the day that I found numerous treasures in my grandparents, Sid and Ada's abandoned house. I found clothes and dishes that had been lying there for over twenty years! Here is a real life photo of my bounty and the illustration. Along with the interview in the magazine that Mori found. <3 


The magazine in printed in Austria, but you can buy it online. It's a really beautiful publication. When I get a second, I'll take a better photo of the spread. For now, this is all I got.

Stay cozy! Happy December Wednesday!

All Talk

I've been talking! And will be talking again! First, let me share the two interviews I was kindly invited to do this month...


Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.39.26 PM.png


And the talk to come: Marlee Grace of Have Company has invited me to do an artist talk and demo in her store in Grand Rapids, MI (my favorite city). If you're there, I would love to see you Dec 30th at 6pm down at the store on Division. I will be talking, selling prints through Lafontsee Gallery, and a lucky winner will get to take home the demo painting. Just for showing up!  

Have Company! Photo: Marlee Grace

Have Company! Photo: Marlee Grace


Now I just have to muster up my social skills, as lately I just spend every day talking to my dog. 


Professionally Speaking

This month I have an illustration in Professionally Speaking Magazine. It was a very fun one to do, and I am thankful for it! 

Check out the sketch and the final below, and you can see more details on the regular gallery page on my site!


Agh! Back to work. Much to do before this Christmas - we will be driving back to Michigan and I cannot wait to see my family and my GR family!

Beautiful December

AHHH I don't know where this year went! 

December snuck up fast, and that means that I am part of two openings tomorrow!



UNO opens up in Phoenix celebrating Palabra's one year anniversary with it's first Palabra Collective show! Read more here!




In Minneapolis, Light Grey Art Lab is opening with 6 Degrees - a show of artist's postcards. Read more about it or shop for postcards here!

My postcard is about Colorado. My new home. 


ALSO. I am pretty pumped about this: I am having a print release with Lafontsee Gallery soon. I'll share more details in a bit - but what I can say is that I proofed one of the prints yesterday am so excited to finally be able to share quality prints of my work. I've never been able to nail down selling reproductions. But soon my loves. 


Naked in Phoenix, AZ

This week, I finished for a dear friend of mine, a commission which was quite unusual for me. In Phoenix, I shared a studio with two wonderful artists, and one of them, Joe, commissioned a nude - which fits his aesthetic as he does beautiful large scale drawings of female nudes. I hadn't done one seriously since college, and it was a challenge to fit it into my style.

He told me (albeit jokingly) he was about to launch the next phase of my career with these 'Green Girls' and we shall see. To tell you the truth, I am already planning on doing a series of three more to turn into limited edition prints. 

The piece is 18x24, Acrylic on Paper. Details can be seen on the full site. 


And for all you enjoying the sun in Phoenix, I am happy to announce that I will be showing in a group exhibition there called UNO at Palabra Gallery on December 6! I'll post more on that soon! 

Second Story Art Class

I have to start this post by backing up a couple of months. Last year living in Phoenix, I met the most extraordinary people. People who gave freely and welcomed us with open arms, so wide that I knew they'd be life long friends. 

One of these friends is Sienna. 

She is a tiny, spirited bright girl who is amazing at drawing, totally loving, and an expert hoola-hooper. (I know - we had a stand off that lasted for an eternity). Her father, Steve, is an incredibly giving and kind person who has an open mind and supports artists of all calibers. This year, Steve commissioned a piece for Sienna and I finished her painting this week. 

It's titled, Second Story Art Class and is 24x36 on wood, painted with acrylic and oil. 


Thanks again to my wonderful Phoenix family. 

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!


This past August and September, all of my time was taken up with this massive project. I created the illustrations for this commercial, from the house to the couch, to the sandwiches, figures, eyebrows and clothes. Those were then taken by Eric, the animator, and brought to life.  It was an incredible challenge, and I am so so thankful for the opportunity. 

I have to thank TEAK for setting me up on this project, working with an animation amateur, and for creating such a wonderful final. Check them out - they do amazing things. I also want to thank Boiron for taking me on and allowing me to work with them. 


Thanks for watching fellow world citizens. 

Handshake of Peace

This month in St. Anthony's Magazine, you will find the double page spread illustration I did for the short fiction story, "Handshake of Peace," written by Marie Anderson. After doing a full approved sketch, I created the work on paper with acrylic and colored pencil. The illustration was so wide, I had to do it in three parts and stitch it together digitally. Can you see what I added in the final that's not in the sketch?


Happy Wednesday! Stay warm and happy and keep someone else warm and happy.  

Things get dark sometimes.

This past couple of weeks have been mad, but the best part is, I have been able to do some gallery work, with no expectations, no one giving me a direction. I really feel that somewhere along the way my work got a little too sweet. Like I might as well have just poured ice cream all over a canvas. My work used to be really dark, and then it got really nice and now I think I'll try for a middle ground. 

Commercial work can be hard sometimes, as many a client has the remark..."I like this work, but can you make them smile? They're too sad!" Brighter colors and smiles! Which of course I don't mind, because I love a challenge. But when it comes time to do work for me, I really do love a calm painting with a bit of the unknown scary mystery that is the Universe.  

Anyway I'm rambling. If you're still reading, I'm surprised ;)  

Here is some new work! There are gallery pages for the paintings so you can see more views as well. 


Ok! Back to work. Happy Halloween my little ghost friends, and if you're in Denver, perhaps I'll see you at the Origins opening tonight! 

If you're in Grand Rapids, MI, then you will see these paintings at Lafontsee Gallery for their fall event November 8th!