Hello from a perpetual starter!

“WHERE’S PART FIVE?” You may be asking. Where are these drawings of Japanese moms on bikes with their mindblowingly adorable babies in the baskets?

I gotta be real. This series has fizzled in my brain. Maybe not forever, for I do want to bring you part five. But in time, my friends, in time. For now, I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote about all my false starts because I have a lot of them and I’m trying to figure out why and how I can avoid them in the future.

Projects that fizzle
Perpetual false starts that begin, only just
I resentfully finish (but just if I must)
Projects start with a bang, end with a fizzle
They dry up and fade out and woefully shrivel
It’s tough to keep making at maximum speed
No time to listen, to wonder, to heed
We know it’s there hiding, the quiet and small
That idea that’s lurking so deep in us all.
What’s on the surface? What can I share?
How can I know my audience is there?
How can I make sure they know that I care?

We’re heading to Tokyo tomorrow to the Art Book Fair - I can’t wait to see loads of new inspiration. I’m needin’ it. More soon!

Until next, time,