What's happening in my life, besides banana waffles and orange leaves?



First, let me share with you, a little collaborative project I am working on, with artist, Elizabth Forrest. We are teaming up to bring you, OH DEAR. It will be a line of products, illustrated by yours truly, and sewn by Beth. The first project we are working on together, is for the Women + The Arts Fundraiser at the UICA, happening at the end of this month. The project entails a poem, by Linda Nemec Foster, an illustration by me, and the sewing done by Beth. All of this couldn't be possible without the help of Stephen Rainey (fabrics master), my beautiful mother (who has way too much on her hands, but still drove an hour and a half to help out), and my handsome fella, Matthew would helped me cut fabric this morning.

We will then be creating pieces for the UICA Holiday Artist's Market...I will have some work there on my own, as will she, but togther, we will be selling one of a kind stockings, zipper bags, potholders, and more..Exciting Stuff. Be sure to stay tuned: OH DEAR


In other news,  I am working on some stuff for a magazine, called CraftSanity. You might already be familiar with this, for Jennifer has been doing blogs and podcasts for six years now. She is now introducing a printed and PDF form magazine, filled with goodies and patterns and news about current crafters. In this upcoming issue, you can find the first of the paper doll series, where I will be illustrating a paper doll, Priar. I will also be illustrating some little gift tags for you to use on your very own gifts this holiday season....so...keep your eyes peeled and I will keep you updated.