I'm going to be a teabag for Halloween.

What?! It's Halloween already?!

I have been waay too busy...but I will share with you what I have been busy with, and you can decide for yourself if you think it's cool or not. I think it's pretty cool. Fun anyway. I am almost finished with my illustrations for this winter's Craft Sanity Magazine.

I am doing gift tags and paper dolls....and here is a sneak peak of one of the gift tags. There will be 9 in all, which you can cut out and use on your gifts! The paper doll I will leave up to your imagination until the publication runs...but I will tell you she might be sewing....

I have also been busy creating illustrations for a new collaborative project I have been working on with artist, Elizabeth Forrest. We are creating potholders, coasters, zipper bags, calendars, and more with the illustrations of yours truly. Though none of the actual projects are finished, here are some of the illustrations to be used...

Ice Cream Zipper Pouch (5"x7")

Vegetable Potholder (6"x8")

There are TONS more which I will post when more of them get made. To check out more illustrations or to find out more about the OH DEAR project, visit us.

Our first debut of these good will be at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market on Dec 3rd and 4th. We will also be selling them online. If you do decide to come to the Holiday Market (which you should because the UICA is amazing and there are a ton of amazing artists there and it totally gets you in the holiday spirit and you can support local artists while shopping for your loved ones...and even the ones you don't love so much) than you can find more of my work. I will be selling prints, painted teappots, Little Fridge Friends, and little head ornaments. Maybe whatever else I can scavenge up from my studio...

Next time I'll show you my Teabag Costume. Are you excited?