Oh Boy oh boy OH BOY

I told my roomate to listen to one zero point zero five for all the best Christmas music. Apparently it has been much too long since I have listened to the radio, as it is prounounced One Hundred point Five. Either way...it has been on day and night and I am motivated to create, create, create.

First and foremost let me share with you, an incredible time had this past Saturday. My roomate, who is busier than I (which is insanely busy) had Saturday night free. Free! And I did too! It was amazing...we went thrifting, bought tons of old ornaments and tons of scaps of fabric and ribbon, and spent the whole night creating ornaments and decorating our tree. It was a complete and much needed blast. My fella came and made hot chocolate and fell asleep amidst our festive celebration. He was not prepared for the intensity of Christmas cheer. Alas, here are some pictures of our decorations!


So I bought the tree for dirt cheap online, and upon arrival to check the thing out, I felt as though I had to buy it. I had looked this people up online. I had driven to their home. I had fifteen ones in my pocket. And I did buy it, despite the fact that it came in two peices and the bottom piece was rigged to a tree base made of a huge sheet of plywood that was not detachable. I don't know how it fit into my compact car but it did.I got it home and thought "There's no way I'm keeping this ugly thing...until Rena, my roomate, got home and had the best laugh about it and decided even though it is ugly, we need to keep it. It needed us. And so it's ours.  We made it look nice..I think those people that sold it to me would be proud...Here she is...all lit up and pretty. Tilly has found that he enjoys her too. He sits inside of her and eats her branches like the monster cat he is.

Aside from this wonderful adventure, I have been busy with two things:

The first is the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, held at the UICA on Dec. 3 from 5-9 and Dec. 4 from 10-5. This is my third year participating in this event, and I am very thrilled to be there again selling work, alongside countless talented artists.  The past couple of days, I have been busy painting magnets and switchplates...


 Little Fridge FrieThese little guys are handpainted dominoes, with the round magnets on the back. You might recognize these little gems from last year's market, where everyone was uniquely one-of-a-kind..and same is true for this year. Also like the last one, I will be selling little rummy magnets with simpler images but still just as cute. The large ones are priced at $12 and the smaller ones will be priced at $9.






These are the Little Light Friends. This little bunch is actually on its way to OOP, a gift shop in Providenc, Rhode Island, but I will be painting many more to bring to the Holiday Market. This covers are metal, and are painting with ink and acrylic. Each one is covered with a hard furniture coat to protect the artwork, should the plate need to be cleaned. As with the magents, each switchplate is unlike the rest, unique and individual. I will have single and double plates available for $26 each.

For those of you who are looking for something for your wall rather than as a home furnishing, I will be selling prints and framed paintings and drawings at the market as well. Hope to see you all there!





 The second thing I have been busy with is a collaboration project I am working on, called   OH DEAR. Beth Forrest and I are teaming up to bring you a whole line of goods from bags to potholders to coasters and totes. I have created a range of illustrations that are printed on the fabric, and Beth is busy sewing each and every one. We will be debuting our line at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, but also be selling them online through our blog.

(Left) This is one of our baby zipper pouches, which is  3"x4" and priced at $12. There are five different designs of these, and (below) this is one of the mini zipper pouches, which is 3"x7" and priced at $23. There are three different designs of this size.





Ahhhh...time to work and paint and eat soup. Thanks for reading! I'll post again soon!