I was an elf in a past life.

So, Here is the promised picture of the tea bag costume. I even won an award for my costume! I won a stuffed reindeer. It was a wonderful day, hung out with the fam, my wonderful mother planned a hayride for everyone, we made homemade hummus and pumpkin pie...it was truly a treat.

And now.....it's time for Christmas. I'll admit to you, I have been listening to Christmas music for at least 2 weeks now. I want to dress like an elf, becasue I think it would make me work faster. I also already have the nose and the chin for it. 

I have been working like crazy on new magnets and switchplates, which I will be shipping to Providence, and selling locally. At the UICA Artist Market, Dec 3 and 4th, I will be bringing back the one of the kind Fridge Friends, each one handpainted and unique. I will also be selling handpainted teapots, prints, 3-d ornaments and other goodies.

For OH DEAR, Beth and I started cutting lining and backing for our projects, anticipating the arrival of our printed fabric on Tuesday. It is going to be an amazing feat to have everything done, but get it done, we will, even if I do have to, literally, dress like an elf. I also found out that the UICA retail store will be selling artist's work up until the 23rd! So you last minute shoppers still have a chance!

Ill be posting more images of the new work soon, so keep you eyes peeled!