Wonderful Winter Happenings...

There is a lot of snow on the ground. I finished my BFA this past week. I shared the world's best lasagna with my friends last night...and that is just the beginning.

In the beginning of December, I saw many wonderful faces at the UICA Holiday Artists' Market, some old and some new, and it was a great time! If you're still looking for gifts, the co-op shop at the UICA will be open until the 23rd of December, so stop in and grab some local finds. (I'll be working there tomorrow and Wedensday and I would love visitors). The market is where Beth and I debuted our line of OH DEAR goods, which went spectacular! If your interested in purchasing some for yourself, check out our online shop, and if you purchase a stocking tomorrow or Wedensday, you might just see that they are half off! That's a deal.


In other news, I bought a new paper cutter. I spoiled myself. Thank you 40% coupon! I'm the biggest nerd in the world. I'm too cheap to buy internet (thank you local coffee shops) and I sure as heck don't buy new pants when I need them, but I spend entirely too much on art supplies. When I need a fix, I need a fix, Who can blame me?

 What else can I tell you?

Oh yes. I am officially represented by 2 retail locations, this time, in my own town! Yours Truly has taken me on board, where I will be developing my own line of greeting cards, which can I tell you, I am thoroughly ecstatic over! I have always wanted to do this, as I stated before, I am a total nerd. I love paper, stationary, cards, envelopes, printing...all of that. So, if you're on Cherry St., stop on down and pick up a magent or a card or two. (I will update on this, as I think I will be having about 16 cards in there when the hectic holiday season is over!)

And...You should know, I saved the best story for last! This year, I had the joy of working with Joe Kolean and Chad Vickery (and others) on a short film called Cellegratonia. This short film was part of a collection of 26 short films, and was released in October of this year. News is out, that on December 25th, NEWWORDS is releasing a Holiday Surprise! This means you will be able to watch Cellegratonia for FREE! How exciting. The whole DVD is available for purchase online, or you can purchase it directly on your computer. Check it out!