New to the Blog World

This is my first blog? And I'm how old?

Yeah, well I have been too busy eating almond cookies so don't hold it against me. I'm finally getting to it after all these years.

I will post some new projects soon, some creepy paintings...some sweet letterpress photos...all that jazz. Also..ICON 6 is coming up and I am so excited! My fellow illustrator, Greg Oberle and I are going to volunteer at this years Illustration Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

There is also a show coming up...Labor of Line, which opens the 16th of July in Alhambra, CA. Its a collaboration between Gallery Nucleus and ICON 6. Tons of amazing artists...Chris Sickels and Tim O'Brien to name a few. I am so honored to have my work shown next to theirs...I almost fainted in the computer lab when I found this out...

So I'll be posting pics of that soon...

To hold you over, here are some TOMS shoes that I painted as a birthday gift to beautiful Lori from her boyfriend. FUN to paint TOMS.