Autumn is approaching...

Once again I have signed myself up for way more than I can handle and I'm still terrible at documenting all of it...however, the weather is beautiful, I am blessed, and I am staying busy doing what I love..

I officially have two retail places under my belt, check them out:

OOP Gift Store in Providence, RI and Sparrows Coffee Tea & Nesstand in Grand Rapids, MI. (I work at this coffee shop so come visit...get a delicious dirty hairy.)

I'm posting an image of some of the magnets I am selling through these places, forgive me for the terrible photograph as I already mentioned I am terrible with this sort of thing.

In other news, I am teaming up with Drew Melton of JUSTLUCKY to make some pretty sweet prints in the next month so keep you eyes peeled for those...

I am also teaming up with local artist, Elizabeth Forrest to make some pretty cool bags. We have been invited to create 300 peices of work for the Women + The Arts Fundraiser at the UICA this year, and we are very excited. I will be doing the illustration and Elizabeth will be doing the sewing and construction. This is our first project together, but far from the last. Beth and I plan on teaming up this Holiday season to sell work at the Holiday Artists' Market at the UICA Dec. 4 and 5th... We will also be making stuff for all seasons and selling them online so I'll post more when we get some things made.

PS. I'm happy your are reading this. :)