Here's cheers to the New Year.

In fifth grade, I was wearing lime green nail polish, and I rememeber thinking '2004 is when I will graduate from highschool. That will never come'. And so it has come and gone, and already it is 2011. My birthday is this month and life is flying by with rapid speed.

It is bringing with it, some beautiful things.

I just returned home from the south, went traveling with a handsome man, saw some family, had many wonderful moments, saw mountains, churches and abandoned store fronts left and right.

In the works are some pretty excited jobs lined up: I created the cover for the upcoming Comment Magazine, which comes out...sometime soon. I also will be creating 3 illustrations for three articles in the upcoming issue of Bitch Magazine which I am THRILLED about. Thank you thank you Joana.

Here is a sneak peak of the Comment Cover!

Alongside these, I am working on a new paperdoll for the next issue of CraftSanity magazine! Check it out in March to see what crafts she will be working on this time!

And if thats not enough to keep me busy..I am working on a show at the Byrneboehm Gallery, which opens in March. I will be showing work alondside Aneka Ingold, who is an amazing painter. Hopefully you can make it!