Falling in love

with this beautiful fall day. 

I walked out in the sun and kicked the leaves all the way through my driveway..met my neighbor who gave me a grumpy look. But I did not care. This is a beautiful day. 

So I have missed a couple days on my blog, but don't you worry. I have been busy! Let me fill you in on upcoming projects...but first, let me fill you in on one that has already passed!

CraftSanity recently released it's fourth issue, the Fall Issue. Be sure to check it out for cozy patterns and delicious recipes. And don't miss CraftSanity's last...yes, last paperdoll, Charlie. Don't be too sad folks, Jennifer and I are planning some new visual treats for you. And if you like the paperdolls, you'll be pleased to hear we are releasing print sets..available soon. I'll keep you posted. Here's the new paperdoll!


In other news: I am busy creating work for three shows: Byrneboehm's Six by Six, GreenLion Gallery's The Silent Stair, and The Gerben's Art Loggia's We Live

I should have some promotional images for you soon, I have got to get a newsletter out. And speaking of, if you're interested in recieving periodical newsletters about upcoming shows and new products, please give me your email address on my Subscribe page. 

Alright, I wish I had more works to show you because I have been painting a LOT but I have to scan them all first! So stay tuned.

Enjoy this perfect day. There couldn't be a better time of year.