Beautiful Days

I have been busy busy working on a number of projects and I thought I would share a couple with you!

The Silent Stair show is approaching fast, and I have been busy painting in old frames, and on old surfaces that have been in my studio waiting to be used.

Simultaneously, I am working on 2 other shows. eeh! Busy! The show at the Gerbens Art Loggia (Dec 8) is also approaching quite fast and I am busy painting for that too. 

Here's a the line drawing and underpainting for one of the works for that show. The whole painting features two men carrying houses and businesses on their backs. 

I am also finishing up a commissioned painting, of a woodland scene. Here is a detail of the girl in it. The whole painting should be finished in the next couple of weeks, so I will have a final version for you to see.

Here is a front on shot.

I am also working on some smaller commissions for the holidays. Forgive me for posting this before Halloween, but sometimes I have to start my holiday painting before fall is even over. I have been painting Holiday wineglasses. 

Here's my closing sketch for the day. I thought this little one was creepy. Silently creepy.

Oh! fella and I carved pumpkins yesterday for his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY). Here's a beginning shot...I'll have to take some finished pictures soon and share!

I think that's it for now! Im heading back to the studio for the night so I'll share some more progress this week! Have a perfect day!