Two more shows you don't want to miss!

This Saturday if you are in Grand Rapids, we better see you downtown for the Free Radical show! There are a number of venues hosting artwork by 191 Artists! It's a one night only show, which runs from 6 to 10 pm. Since it's Halloween weekend, you should get your garb on and head down.

While your down there, be sure to head to Pub 43 where I have a couple pieces from the City of Lumbourge project. In this venue are a bunch of other sweet pieces. Word is, the afterparty is also going to be held there!

(You can see this framed photogrpah at Pub 43 this weekend!)

I will also be showing work in another show nearby beginning on October 29. Wellspring Church is hosting it's first annual juried exhibition, "Transformation".  The piece I had in ArtPrize, titled, "It was a mystery to us" will be showing. but when I titled the piece for AP, I had another painting in mind, and this one just sort of happened to come out. I am retitling the piece to "Fitting In", which in my mind fits a lot better with the intended narrative. Anyway, here is the piece. Stop down to the Wellspring exhibition, opening reception is Nov 3. 


I also have been busy doing a new piece for the winter issue of CraftSanity. Here is a little sneak peak of the illustration, which features a craft project to go along with it. Anyone up for some embroidery? Wink Wink...

Or some Hot Chocolate?

Oh I am getting ahead in Holidays here but pretty soon I will have to whip out Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, as it's the only thing that keeps me motivated enough to get everything done for the holidays. Starting now doesn't seem like such a bad idea. 

Have a perfect afternoon, what ever mood you're in.