Watched the sun come up again...

But this time, I watched Life Aquatic while it was coming up, and actually finished it this time. These are things you can do while you are stringing dozens of cupcake papers on twine.               I can't believe Ned dies. 

Let me start, oh yeah, well, Happy Halloween. Im going to listen to Christmas music today to get my ars in gear. 

Ok, now, let me start again...from the back and work my way up.

I came across some process photos I thought would be fun to share, for the Hot Chocolate factory illustration for CraftSanity magazine. I wanted little snowflakes on the outsides of the window, so I taped up the edges, laid down frisket on the girl's face and hat, and then bunched little pieces of fabric to lay in the middle to keep the snowflakes from the centers. 

Then I misted white spray paint over the painting. I made it snow!

And voila, you have snow on the outside. Of course, I had to lay in the darks again on the windows, and I added some thin white lines too. When the next issue of the magazine is released, you can see the whole image!

I also just sent out more than 6 dozen greeting cards around the city, and a couple online. If you are interested in purchasing some, go here!  

Making their way out of the studio!

What else do I have for you? Little caterpillar chair that I painted last week. 

And...another project I am starting this week may explain why I am stringing mass amounts of cupcake papers and coffee filter on twine. I have been asked to design the holiday/winter set up for the Paperdoll store in Rockford. This is the store's new home after moving from it's previous location, and I am super exited about being asked to do this. I've got plans for the ceiling, plans for the windows, and perhaps a little plan to make a little winter rabbit...

I'm getting so organized, I'm even putting different projects in different folders. Can't you be so proud?

Jellyfish Cupcake Sea!

These little frosties will be added to the ceiling along with the snowflakes and bulbs. Check back to see the process and the finished set up, or better yet, go to the store! (they have adorable clothes and accessories)

Meanwhile, in my spare time (?) I am painting away for The Silent Stair show, which is approaching fast, November 19th! Come to 150 Fulton street to check it out at GreenLion Gallery! 

Made the coffee in the perculator this morning, I need much more than my press pot can give me!

Ps. I read yesterday if you get a bat in your house, (after all, it is Halloween) it's best to turn the lights off and open the doors. I stupidly never thought of that, but chasing a blind bat in the light makes them sad and frightened. Makes me sad too.