It's Snowing Already?!

Last night I whipped out Tammy Wynette's Christmas album. Although it may be the cheesiest album cover known to man, I just have a special place in my heart for this gal. I have to keep up on my Christmas tunes if I am to ever get everything done by the end of the year. 

First and foremost, tonight is Byrneboehm's 6x6 Show! Stop by from 6 to 10 and check out new works by a handfull of amazing local artists. What is better than buying one-of-a-kind paintings for your loved ones at Christmas? Nothing. Cept Cookies.


Next weekend, keep your Saturday night free, becasue Peregrine and I have a show coming up at Greenlion Gallery on Fulton Street. If you are in the market for glitter frames or painted fan blades, this is the show for you.


Another place to find some great handmade gifts will be the UICA Artists' Market, coming up on December 2 & 3. I will be there, along with about 50+ other artists. This will be my fourth year particpating, and the new building's first, so if you haven't checked out the new space, this will be a perfect way to kiss two birds with stone.

On top of this, I am also creating a Holiday installation at Paperdoll in Rockford. It's to be finished on Sunday, so I will have pictures to show you soon. I am really liking doing work in interior spaces. It's a bit of a new challenge but I am loving it all the same. 

Wow. Everyone I know is busy! Today: Congratulations to my brother Tim, who just received his Truck Driving License. I am so proud of you!

Have a wonderful day everyone, and hopefully I will see all of you tonight at Byrneboehm!