Stale popcorn by the goffu.

I made it last night, the popcorn, but somehow it taste better tonight. Reminds me of my sister who always liked stale popcorn. The goffu is what I used to call the garbage. Now its called, "the office" since it's the only place in our apartment that we can snipe a bit of interweb usage from some poor unassuming neighbor. 

Tonight was the show opening at Byrneboehm, great turnout...thanks for everyone who stopped by! Thank you Allie for coming along and being such a trooper amongst all the art school talk. We did talk about Bill Murray and Zombies too, so it was tingling entertainment all around. 

For now, I shall share with you some progress on the paperdoll store, and some pieces I have been working on for my show this coming Saturday with Peregrine. 

This is a little drawer full of old lightbulbs that I painted with white designs and snowflakes. It's going to be next to the little sticks and branches that I painted white and planted in 'snow' by the store entrance. 

And here are some pieces I have been working on for The Silent Stair..

Little Cutie and her cats. I think I am going to title it, "Some little souls should stick around"

And...a little lightbulb person, which is part of a piece which consists of 30 different drawings.

And I think my fella is home! Gonna grab some sleep to I can wake up and have Saturday morning pancakes! Have a perfect night!