The leaves are falling fast!

Seems as if it's that time of year, where everything and every day just flies right by! 

Im going to give you a quick little update about whats going on in the world of Rebecca Green Illustration. I have been jam packed with work, which I am grateful for. But I think this is the tipping point? I may go insane soon. 

One thing I am totally stoked about is joining the newly formed, Handmade Collective. Its a group, though six of us starting, may grow to include other artists of all genres. We are going to meet, have open discussions, critiques, teach each other new processes and have little handmade sales along the way. Our first event as a group is the Handmade Holiday Party, which is December 9th in the hallway of my studio space! You should defineitly come and check it out, as we are having treats, music, and many different kinds of handmade goods. And I hear if your festively dressed, you get 10% off your purchase? Whip out those snowflake sweaters, you're going to save some money! (and stay warm, as it will be chilly in the hallway...haha)

I'm so lucky to be joining such an awesome group of artists..let me share with you some of their work!

Aneka Ingold

 Elizabeth Forrest

 Emilie Tromp

 Lindsay Jones

 Erin Lenau

And myself!  Come check the show out, we'll also have other artists selling work and hanging out as well. Check back to get an updated list of all the artists that will be there! 

That's all I have in me for tonight. Super busy weekend. My next day off is..Thanksgiving. :) Tofurkey you're gonna taste so swell. 

I've gotta get off of here and change the god forsaken music in the living room that Matt has fallen asleep to.