black coffee and puppy chow

Woke up this morning at my mother's house to black coffee, as always. So cozy. We spent, along with my sisters, all day yesterday crafting icicles and balloon nets to be used as decoration for the winter installation at Paperdoll, the clothing store in Rockford where I was hired to decorate for the holidays. 

The crafts were a bit frustrating, I'll admit, as we were doing projects none of us had ever done before. I don't advise that on a tight schedule, but I've got some good ideas to pull it all together. The piece will be done by Wednesday night, so be sure to stop down and check it out if you're in the neighborhood. 

My poor mother had to use gasoline to get all the paint off of her little champion. And my felon sister walked into a department store and took 50 (free) paint stirrers. My mom asked how she got them out of the store with no one inquiring. She simply said, "I had a big bag". Thieves for Christmas. Sounds like a charity.

So, after this project is finished, it is off to sell work at Beneath the Tree, where Elizabeth Forrest and I will be selling OH DEAR stockings and bags. I will also have some cards there! (Holiday cards...yes!)

Later in the evening on the 11th, Byrneboehm is having an opening reception for 6x6, a Holiday Show. This is one you will want to be at. 

And then one week later is The Silent Stair opening. 

And then my chest might cave in from stress and paint fumes.

Gotta run and bust out some sketches. Early to rise.

Good night lovely people of the Earth.