Hi Friends

I have much to tell you but Im only going to spit out a little for tonight. 

First off, thank you thank you to everyone who attended (and attempted to attend but got lost trying to find the venue) my opening last thursday the Gerbens Art Loggia. It was amazing to see new faces, meet new people. Wow. To meet someone that knows my work but doesn't know me..I could have just exploded. Thats a good feeling. People are so grand. So thanks again, everyone who is so supportive. If you missed out on the show and would like to see it, it'll be up until Feb 10..so get your holiday on, don't worry about art shows..there will be time enough when everything quiets down again. 

But I speak too soon! As there is an awesome art show going on this very Friday at the Nice Gallery. I'm sure most of you are aware, if if you are not, the 100 Grand Show is a show not to be missed. 100 Artists. 100 pieces. All 100 Dollars each. Im stealing this verbatim from the posters, which, in their design glory, outshines my words by far..but! You should come. Check out more details here.  Here is a wee little detail of the painting I will have up at the show. 

And I suppose thats all I have for you right now. Many more projects in the works, many more words to send out to you lovely supportive people, but for now, I need to deliver this late painting! Yikes!


Sleep warm tonight.