The CraftSanity Paper Doll Print Collection has arrived!

Say hello to Priare, Celia, Lucy, and Charlie!


Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of CraftSanity and I recently did a collaboration to bring you the Paper Doll Print Collection. You might recognize these little jewels from the first four issues of the magazine. If you cut them out when you got the magazine, do not fret! This limited edition archival print set includes all four paperdolls. Each one is 8x8", ready to frame, and hand-signed by both Jennifer and I. You can buy them here!


If you have any questions about purchasing the prints, or are located in Grand Rapids and would rather buy them in person, I would be more than happy to arrange that. 

On my way to paint! Our studio is feeling warmer than ever. Well yeah, because we got the heater turned on and the gas leak fixed..but also! Because having an event in your space makes everyone get cleaned and organized. People leave lanterns in there (thank you!) and the coffee table we rigged from an old broken dolley in the hallway made a great addition to the space that we just could not get rid of. Voila!

Happy day! Try and pretend the raindrops are snowflakes.