Shows and Markets and Shows

So three big events are down on my calendar, and two more to go! I can see the end in sight. 

This past weekend was the UICA Artists Market, which was a great turnout in the new building. I sat next to Robyn Kane, who makes brilliant jewelry. We talked about marriage and art and animal rights. Great great weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of the artists. I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones, so it was a great time!

Here are some of the Little Fridge Friends that I was selling there. I'll have an updated image of all the magnets as soon as things slow down. 

I also debuted the Little Coloring Friends, which includes five coloring cards, and two litle crayons. To see the whole collection, check out the illustration tab on my site..Here's one of the cards..

Now that the market is finished, I have been putting the finishing touches on my solo show, which opens tomorrow at the Gerbens Art Loggia in the Devos Arts and Worship Center. I am hoping you can all make it down, the reception runs from 7pm to 9pm. 

And this would be a good time to send you in the direction of Oliver's Observatory (The Blog and Observations of Dr. Oliver H. Evans) Dr. Evans is the former president of Kendall College of Art and Design, where I recently graduated. I am honored to be part of this blog, and am so happy with the well presented article about my work and upcoming show. Check out the article here.

For this show, I was able to do some line drawings, which have been refreshing after painting so much. They are just so much...cleaner and simpler in a way. Here are a couple sneak peaks of the new work!



Hugs to everyone who comes! 

Now, you may remember the paperdolls who made their way into the last four CraftSanity issues. Well Priare, Celia, Lucy and Charlie are making yet another appearance. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood and I started this collaboration over a year ago. The brilliant writer that she is, Jennifer formulated ideas and words for the illustrations, and I visually created the characters and their clothes and respected artistic materials. These prints are sold in 8"x8" sets, and ready to frame. Since I am not as good at words, I am going to direct you to her blogpost about this awesome collaboration. 

In the latest issue of CraftSanity, you will find a new collaboration! An embroidary project accompanied by a warm winter illustration.

I wish it would snow, it would make this feel even cozier! I will have the paperdoll prints up for sale soon on my site, but if you simply cannot wait and you would like to purchase some for yourself or as a gift, you can pick some up here

Speaking of gifts..if you're in the market for awesome handmade goodies, free up your Friday night! The Handmade Collective is presenting the Handmade Holiday Party, and it's taking place in the shared studio space I work in! There are about 10 artists that are going to be there, selling work and hanging out. Also, I hear that if you dress festively, you will recieve 10% off your purchase! Come, relax, meet artists, see and buy great work for people you like, and bring your own beer if you'd like. We will have refreshements and holiday can you say no to that? 

Ok. I think that's it. Or I suppose it has to be. If you know me then you know what a disaster my studio usually is...and if we are planning an event in there on Friday, I have got some serious cleaning to do! 

Thanks for reading all. Have a perfect night...You Michiganders, enjoy the weather before the snow comes, because once it know it'll be around for a loong time.