Roasted Almond Tea is a new favorite.

The sun is shining! And that's not the only inspiration I have found..

Check out Susy Pilgrim Waters...Her patterns, colors and typography are completely amazing. She is an artist based out of Boston, and I recently stumbled upon her great.

Now! On with the show...Beginning March 7, I will have the privilege of showing alongside Michigan artist, Aneka Ingold in the exhibition, Face to Face. The show will be up at Byrneboehm Gallery until April 30, with an artist reception March 11 from 5:30 to 9pm. Aneka and I have been splashing around color for months preparing for this show, which should give you a little lift from those end of winter grey days....We both hope to see you there on March 11!

Here is a little sneak peak of one of the paintings at the show!

This painting is 6x6", with painted .5" edges...thus the triptych appearance.

This past Saturday, I had the joy of participating in the LIVE Coverage event at the UICA, which had an amazing turnout! I was there, among more than 50 other artists creating work on the spot to be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the UICA. It was a fantastic time..I don't think I have ever painted so fast in my life..

Early morning at the UICA Live Coverage EventLive painting, beginning stages.


I also recently finished a piece for a friend who's daughter just turned 17. Happy Birthday Isabelle! I had the joy of creating a three-dimensional piece for her, with a ballet theme. Here is a detail shot!


In other news...I recently created 3 illustrations for the spring issue of Bitch Magazine, so be sure to check that out! Should be hitting newsstands soon..

And last but not least..I have the huge honor of creating the album artwork for one of Michigan's best up and coming bands..The Crane Wives! Their album comes out May 12, so be sure to put that on your calendars. Head to Founders..grab a porter and listen to some beaufiul melodies..these guys and gals rock. Seriously.

My tea is finished..time to go home and paint! Enjoy your day! Won't be another quite like it..