I never had to wear green when I was little..

and I never got pinched. I always simply said, "It's my last name..I am always green". Someone should have pulperized me.

So! A Very generous thank you to all of those who attended last Friday at our Face to Face opening at Byrneboehm Gallery, and thanks to all of you who were there in spirit. Its a great night...my family came out and braved the long show..I had 5 glasses of wine, when I said I wasn't having any. All in all, I'd say major success.

Photo by Peggy MorrisThe show will be up until April 30th, so be sure to check it out!

In upcoming news..I have some pretty exciting projects underway. I have been asked to create the cover for April's On-the-Town Magazine, which has a dining theme..and we all know how much I love drawing food. Love eating it too. Here's a sneak peak!

Upcoming On the Town Cover (detail)OK...I have more exciting stuff to tell...but that will have to wait until later today...maybe tomorrow? Right now..Im going to head down to a day long Gregory Manchess presentation/demo. Jealous? You can come too!

Until next time little cucumber heads...keep smiling!