So the artichokes were boiled...

Not bad, except that feel like eating artichokes is a waste of time. All that work that goes into eating tiny bits of each leaf. And if you compiled all you ate into one lump sum, I'm estimating it would total maybe a quarter of a tablespoon. Too much effort, I say.

So..where did I leave off? Oh yes! I wanted to show you pictures of my new studio..

Sweet Teal Floor in hallway

Colorful cool hallway..the only one in the building.Our space! We will keep you updated, as when everyone moves in and gets settled, you are all invited for a studio warming party.

In other news, I am going to share with you a painting I had a ton of fun doing..It's on display at Bryneboehm Gallery currently.

"All the good times"Here's a detail!

And in other new: I will be working with the guys at the Litribune, who are joining up with the Dinderbeck studio, to work on a space on Division for Art.Downtown on April 15th. All I can say is, the space will be so inviting. Like to paint? We'll have a large canvas, and we'd love your help. I'll post details soon about where and exactly when this is all taking place..and I just threw my brain into it yesterday.

I think thats it for now. I'm pretty sick my head is cloudy. I'm about to dive into my Artist's Market book to find some companies who need illustrations. Preferably mine. Good day!