Yippety Hippety, Know what about cricketies?

I heard the other day that crickets dig holes in the ground the amplify their sweet songs, so I looked it up..and turns out some species do, such as the mole cricket. He will dig a tunnel with a megaphone shaped entrance, which will create a louder call to females. Some crickets switch their tunes when the female approaches, to further the courtship, and some male crickets even play post-copulation melodies. So girls, their are good guys out there. This makes me so happy...just to think of all the million lives that playing out while we play out ours. Life is such a sweet song when other lives are respected.

This week is very exciting! I'm moving into a new studio space today with some pretty amazing artists...Amy Bailey, Brandon Belote, Marie Couretas, and Steve Adams. We are going to have a studio warming party soon and you will all be invited..Here is a quick peak..see it's potential :) I'll be showing you more as we get fully moved in.



Our new studio...Photo by Amy Bailey

In other news! Face to Face opens tomorrow! Check out Byrneboehm Gallery, and stop on down to see the work. The show features painter, Aneka Ingold, and myself. The reception is Friday from 5:30 to 9, March 11th. Come and meet us, drink some wine..eat some goodies. It's going to be a great time! Ill give you another sneak peak of one of the paintings that I finished for the show..

So! Have a wonderful day, and I hope to see you this Friday at the Gallery opening!

Until next time..keep singin sweet tunes..