April Showers and Ground Rice Flour

The weather is so back and forth, I can't decide if I want to work out and shop for bathing suits or lay in bed and eat peanut butter out of the jar.

One thing I do know is..I found a new amazing food!

My friend Uma held a pancake breakfast this morning, and made us South Indian Uttapam pancakes with coconut chutney. Simply incredible. Others brought juice, vegan sausages, danishes, nutella crepes, melon..oh boy. A pancake feast with good folks is a wonderful reason to say..thank you world. I made vegan whole wheat vanilla pancakes with peanut butter. Awesome as usual. Can I brag? Blog brag?

Uma is actually the one putting on a fundraiser at our studio on April 29th for a water project in Ghana, for the LIWWA nonprofit organization. It will be a gallery opening/ sale, where she will be showing and selling her photographs along with handmade Ghanaian items. The fundraiser is from 6 to 9, and there will be good coffee, good hummus, good faces and a warm welcome. Let me know if you'd like more information.

In other news: I recently submitted to Manifest's Gallery's Magnitude 7 Show, which calls for peices less than 7". I love small paintings!! I unfortunately only had time to make one (as I just made like 16 for the Byrneboehm show) but hopefully that one will make it in. Above is a sneak peak!

Upcoming projects: Graduation, new CraftSanity Paperdoll, Festival Fete Holiday posters, and the two I am verrry thrilled about!:

Working with Ryan P on some awesome top secret photo projects that combine both of our best artistic skills

Possibly working a short creepy stop motion animation. Yes!

Holy jeez some sweet stuff coming up. Wait! Three things: Wait! Four!

Society of Killustrators invited me to particpate in their Assignment #4. Check it out! It's a pretty sweet little thing they got going on. The illustration needs to be done soon..and I am thrilled to work on it. I'll show it when I'm finished.

Ok..the fourth! My fella (who is a fantastic writer) and I were brainstorming ideas over coffee the other morning, and I think we may be writing/illustrating a children's book this summer. I am so utterly stoked for this.

Man. So who cares that it's rainy? No more jars of peanut butter for me! No more laying in bed! I got work to do! Good night folks!