Fur real?

I thought that 'fashion' (insert cruelty) statement was done in the 80's. I guess not. Today was the Food & Film Event held at The Bloom Collective, where we watched and discussed the documentary, Skin Trade, which was a film exposing the truths and horrors of the still on-going fur industry. Interestingly enough, as you can see in the film, many faux furs actually contain real furs and if you are a fur supporter, please know that in no way is this practice humane. I would think this is common sense, yet so many store owners who represent fur will tell you the opposite. It's definietly a film worth checking out.

In discussion, many group members...well, I think all members were up for putting on a fundraiser and/or event sometime this summer, combining art, food and animal activism. My preference is towards that of factory farming..but am open to educating on all sorts of exploitation, so I will be happy in whatever direction this may go. Stay tuned if your interested in making a difference in thousands of lives.

In other, happier, news, I was recently invited to particpate in the Society of Killustrators Assignment No. 4, where we illustrated an article on the largest toy collection in the known universe, going up for sale. Here is a sneak peak, as I am not sure the image is officially up on the site and I don't want to steal any thunder.

SOK Assignment No. 4, sneak peak

One more thing! The Face to Face exhibition at Byrneboehm Gallery is up for one more week! It comes down April 30th, so if you haven't already, be sure to stop in and check it out. It's a two person show: myself and Aneka Ingold, and there are many paintings there that might just make your day.

Im off to work..CraftSanity needs a new paperdoll, and Festival Fete needs a new Holiday Festival poster. Also..lots of cleaning to be done before Friday's LiWWA Fundraiser!

Until then folks..be happy you have what you have today, for if tomorrow comes without those things..you will feel sad you didn't take advantage of them. And I'm not talking about your ipod. I'm talking about your eyes. Your toes. Your cat's purr. You know...the essentials.