While you're drinking your dark roast,

Take a second to think about all of the many mini universes going on all around us. In the oceans..in the jungles..on our eyelashes, in those temporary ponds.

The temporary ponds, my friends, is where it's at, and I will tell you why. My fella, Matt, and I went walking two days ago in the woods and came upon one of these ponds with a huge log over it's surface with enough room for us to lay on it and get really close to the water in the middle of the pond. What we discovered was an explosion of life. Literally....an explosion. Everywhere our eyes went, there were critters swimming, gliding, wriggling, neon ones, centipedey ones, shrimpey ones..but the best and ultimate, and probably my new favorite Earth creature was the caddisfly larva. At first glance, they appear as little hidden bugs with sticks, plants peices, and other random aquatic objects strapped onto their backs. I was convinced they were going to build something. After research, I found that these little guys and gals produce their own glue to make capsules for themselves for protection. If a predator comes by, they duck inside of it. They will go through a couple of these casings as they grow, and when they are ready to transform, they will attach their casing to something in the water and lock themselves inside of it. When they come out, they leave the water and become nocturnal moth like friends. So cool. I am going to do some paintings about them soon..so keep your eyes peeled if you like nerdy things.

Society of Killustrators

In other news, I recently finished the Society of Killustrators Assignment No. 4, and because I usually don't do this, I thought it would be nice to show you a step by step. Quite frankly, most of the work on my site is not commissioned and usually I don't do rough drafts. Eeep..thats a secret..but now you know. Most of the time, rough drafts make my work too forced, unless it's a strictly illustrative (for a client) peice.

This peice was based on a toy collection of over 35,000 toys for sale, now called the Jerni Collection. Check it out if your interested. It's pretty cool.

My first thought was a store packed to the brim with toys, exploding out of the door and kids trapped, pressed up against the windows. I decided that since the illustration had to be 6x6, that might be too much information to try and include. So I made it a little more focused on one person. This was the first 2" rough, sketched on a notecard in my bag.

After this came a little more resolved rough of what was to be:


I thought this one would have worked but when I started drawing it on the final surface, the lines became too forced. After walking away for a couple hours, I walked back in and just started drawing the image over again without thinking it had to fit this initial skecth, and thus came up with the final line drawing...

After this was set, I did a purple wash over the entire thing and started filling in. I should have taken more step by step images of the final, but the deadline was steadily approaching, so there wasn't enough time. Here's the finsihed one!

Yayyy! So, check out the Society of Killustrators site; the other three illustrators that did work for this article did excellent work. Such a great turnout!

I think that's it for now...I hope you have a lovely day filled with the things that make you the hip happ happiest.