New news...pretty shades of blues

So! Exciting news: Two releases in one week!

Friday, On-the-Town came out, and I had the joy of creating the cover for it. I got to draw food, which I thoroughly love. And..The Crane Wives released their album cover, which I had to opportunity to create..and I thoroughly love their music. Things are good.

April On-the-Town Cover

And there is The Crane Wives cover!

The Crane Wives (Safe Ship, Harbored) AlbumIn other news, I am busy cleaning and painting away in the new studio space. My good friend Uma is throwing a fundraiser there April 29th, and we want the space to be in tip top shape. I can't wait until it's a fully functioning studio-member of studio-society.

April also seems to be the month of community involvement which thrills me. Last week, I was able to visit 2 Highschool Freshman classes to give them a lecture and demo on self-portaits. It was a blast. I will be uploading images soon.

In other news: I will be working with the guys at the Litribune to bring you a stellar show for Art.Downtown, April 15th. I'll be posting more info on that soon.

Let me see..then April 23rd, there is the Food & Film event at the Bloom Collective, where were will be having a potluck and showing the film, Skin Trade. We'd love to have you starts at 3pm.

Then ending the month in grace, Uma will be holding her Liwwa Fundraiser. More on that to come!

Little Aidy WaidyHere are those pretty shades of blue. This is my nephew. Isn't he darling?

Until next time..Keep smiling people. Be happy you have what you have.