Beautiful Weather for Beautiful Melodies..

So my friends....

It's official. I am a graduate. eek! I couldn't be happier. I've got a couple of exciting jobs coming up, which I'll keep you posted on, as they are still in the beginning stages!

I wanted to post today, seeing as tomorrow is The Crane Wives' CD Release Party at Founders Brewing Co.! Two reasons for bringing this to your attention.

1. They are a seriously inspiring band, all of them so passionate about music. They kick tails.

2. I had the supreme honor of creating their album artwork! It was such a fun project!

I'll show you the cover, but you'll have to come down and buy a copy (only $10) to see the inside and the back!

Even if you hate music and you hate my should still come...because Founders has amazing beer. Try the oatmeal stout. If you don't like it, find me and I'll drink it for you.

Have a fantastic day! Really! Your heart aint beatin for nothing!