Sometimes I pretend we're all camping, all the time.

That  seems to sometimes make my life  more interesting. Waking in the city in the rain can make you feel like your on autopilot, but imagine waking up in a little tent and you sit outside and drink coffee all day and everyone's hair is frizzy so it doesn't matter. That's what I would love.

So I have a new painting for you. I slipped it in, in the middle of my work section when you all were sleeping, so you could adjust slowly like chickens and their newcomers. It's available at Byrneboehm Gallery if you'd like to check it out or take it home with you. Like I said, the full image is in my work section of my site, but here is a detail.

I can't seem to come off the dessert kick. But know..just know, it means a little more than that, and maybe on the days that it doesn't, who cares? Who doesn't love simplicity for the sake of it?

What else? Tonight is the Start Smart Event hosted by Art Peers, Dwelling Place, and The Arts Council of Grand Rapids. Terry Johnston, Lisa Price, and I will be discussing starting a business, and making the leap from hobbyist to business person. I feel very honored and nervous, seeing as I know nearly nothing compared to these two artists, but it should be a great time. There will be cookies. I will post images.

Some other exciting things coming up in the works...meetings in the next couple of days, so I will share with you the news as soon as I know how to put it! Sorry I don't have more fun pictures for you, but soon my friends...soon!

Until then, pretend its all a big campground. Enjoy the trees. Good thoughts to you all.