A little piece of chocolate to brighten your day..

The full painting is in my work section, but here is a detail. I love painting these little creatures so much, I might just do a huge painting of them all over the place..lovin on one another and eatin grapes and such. Wouldn't that perk your spirits just a tad?

So last night Sparrows Coffee hosted the Start Smart business discussion and I was lucky enough to be one of the panelists. It was a great turnout..I learned a ton, and I think there was something to be learned for all of us. I don't have any images, but just imagine 30 awesome people in a coffee shop enjoying Matt Russell's Vegan Lemon cookies, sippin on Sumatra and learning about CPA's. (Certified Personal Accountants for those of you, who like me, had no idea what that stood for. )

BAM! Have a very awesome day!