How Lovely!

First, I have to share something with you that I am absolutely thrilled about! I cannot keep it in. One of my paintings was chosen as the front image for the BlueCanvas Website, making me their featured artist this time around.


This was beeeyond exciting! BlueCanvas is such an awesome magazine and site, allowing for a strong community among artists.

In other art filled news, I recently did a drawing for the Art is Smart Organization which helps raise money for public education art programs in Rhode Island. You can buy a shirt and support them by visiting Festival Fete!

Pretty fun little project.

I also have been busy making signs and such for The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand, a lovely place on Wealthy Street with amazing coffee, tea, baked goods and more. They also have tons of magazines and periodicals, poetry zines and books..some of which are very good - unexpected finds. You should visit this place not only because it's awesome and all the employees are great, but because I barista there a couple days a week and I make a mad Dirty Hairy.

Here are a couple of the baked good signs that I recently made.

I am also having fun making some coffee signs, a new hours sign, and in the back, is a new employee's only sign. Come'll love the coffee shop.

Also...I am officially the current girl crush of photographer, Terry Johnston. Check out his blog...his work is sweet and his pink glasses are aaaamazin. Such a sweet and talented fella..

Umm..I think that's it for now. No! I actually have some sketches for you that I promised a while ago! So here they are.

Speaking of barista's I suppose. This is my southern waitress alter ego.

And this is the woman that wants to be her friend:

And I suppose we'll end with that.

Also, I will post soon on the short stop-motion I'm working on. Im totally stoked...I rented like 10 books from the library on story boarding, set building and stop motion animation. I have never dived into a project quite this demanding, but holy holy, I am ready and excited. I have been drawing and developing characters but Im not sure how much I can share of give away, which is hard for me, because I'd love to share. Sharing is caring.

Alright fools...this might be the longest blog I have ever posted. Thanks for reading if you're still stickin around. Much love to ya.