The underside...

of a leaf will flip up when the rain is coming.haha, this is such an amazingly corny analogy. Umm...I'm rolling over on my belly? What do you say to that?

What I'm trying to get across is the fact that I feel pretty scattered as of late. I went to school for illustration but I can't seem to figure out if that's exactly what I want to do. Perhaps I just need to be an 'artist' and drop all the other categories.

Now that that is spilled out, let me tell you some exciting thing!

The new CraftSanity is out! It keeps getting better and better...this summer issue has lots of awesome things, like how to make your own root beer, or your own strawberry jam! It also has a new paperdoll friend! Her name is Lucy and she is a painter.

I believe Jennifer (the creator and publisher) and I will be releasing prints of the paperdolls after all of them have been created for this year. Look for them in December(ish).

In other news, I am doing ArtPrize this year. I hadn't contributed the past couple of years, and I, of course, have my qualms about this event, but at the same time, there is a lot of good in it. I have secured my venue: The Spot! Curated by Kevin Boehm. I am doing a larger painting, 30" x 40", which is a little different for me, but I am definitely looking forward to it. There is going to be some amaazing work in there. I simply cannot wait. Now all I need to do is PAINT.

I will think about that once this 19 Windows competition is done. It has to be up on Tuesday, so I will post images after its up. All you in GR, come on down to Easttown, to put in your votes. You can vote all week, and the awards ceremony/party/awesome time will be Saturday, June 25th. Do not miss it. There are some incredible artists involved. Innntimidating.

Much love to ya. Enjoy the Suns rays today. It loves ya too.