More pie Morpie Morpy.

That was almost the name of our studio. More Pie Studios. Because we love pie. But then I realized that with those two words together it looked like Morpie. So, we are calling it Freehand Studios instead. And..if you're in the neighborhood, we are having a studio opening on June 11th from 7 to 11pm! If your interested, just let me know and I can get you directions! It's in the old furniture warehouse close to Founders Brewing Co. (I convenient)

I wanted to post a couple newbies for you today. These are both pieces that I painted last week. The first one is a pairing to a painting I did a couple month ago, titled, "Bernice", which is in my Gallery section. This one is titled, "Delores". Here is a process image first.

And here is the finished version of "Delores"


Here is another piece for you..Im not sure what the narrative is just sort of came out.

Here is a detail:

In other news: I will be doing the 19 Windows Competition this month, and have been paired with Lamb, which is an awesome boutique on Cherry Street. Come check it out on June 25th when they have the judging and all the hoorahs. I will be posting progress though, and for those of you who enjoy three dimensional work...this one might be for you.

I also recently did a postcard for The Market, presented by The Avenue for the Arts, which is a monthly artist market that takes place on Division. It's a great way to sell your work and purchase hand made goods by local artists. The first one is June 11th from 4 to 9pm, so if you're in the area, be sure to stop by.

Okay okay, there's more, but my battery is dying and I have to go. I'm off to the studio to carve lamb heads. (and that's not know me..I am a lover of animals)

Adios my fellow earth companions! Have a gorgeous afternoon!