I love Lambs too.

And one in particular.

This Lamb sits on Cherry Street and has a new window! With the help of some extraordinary people, my window was finished 3 minutes before the deadline. Talk about cutting it close. Lamb is not the only store to have a new window, but so do 18 other stores participating in the 19 Windows Competition in East Grand Rapids this week. Dozens of amazing artists were hard at work installing their peices, which are now all complete and ready to view.

If you loooove a window or two or three, which you are definitely sure to do, you can stop in any of the businesses participating in the event and you can can vote (and you have to vote for 3, so don't worry if you are indecisive). Check out 19 Windows for details!

Here's a couple shots of my window:

And here's a shot of the lamb up close. I recorded the process of how I made the lambs so after I clean the tornado in my studio, I will get on here and show you guys exactly how they were made. This one is right after he got his first paint job.

Special thanks to: Amanda, Alan, Matty P, Rian, the two window washers, my mom, Sara, and the ladies at Lamb, Ryann and Marissa.

Alright suckers. Get out there and getcher vote on.

Much love.