Oh Beautiful Blue

Just...what a great color it is. That rusty old teal. Love it.

Alright..so this is sort of a follow up from yesterday:

We are rescheduling our Studio Opening..so! I will keep you posted on when we are going to have it. I am terrible at jumping the gun on stuff. Im thinking some time in July...we shall see!

Also, I wanted to share with you a post I was pretty excited about:

This blog was from The Post Family Site, which has a ton of awesome projects on it. I was flattered that they put my work on there. I am going to be working a lot in 3-d in the next couple of months so it was pretty exciting to see it up there!

In other news, the new CraftSanity Magazine is going to be out in the next week! This issue has tons of awesome summer projects, from making your own jam to making sweet head wraps and root beer. There will also be a new paperdoll (this is where I come in) named Lucy. You can add her to your collection!


Last night I spent some time carving lamb heads in my studio, so I'll be sure to upload some images in the next couple of days. I am really excited about working three dimensionally again!

OK..enjoy your afternnoons. Do something you wouldn't normally do today. Make your own life interesting. :)