Oh sweet memories returning...

Sweet as in sticky, stressful sweet.

I'm sitting in IHOP drinking coffee and using their wireless at midnight thirty five, and remembering the days I used to wait this very table. The butter I picked up off the floor. The witnessing of the consumption of literally, piles of pancakes. Yes, my friends, I was a waitress at this International House of Pancakes, for almost 2 years when I first moved to Grand Rapids. I met so many wonderful people here, all of which are different places now. I hated this job. Pure hatred. But I wouldn't take it back if I could.

Now! That's not why I'm posting this. I wanted to tell you about the new work that is happening in my life. First, let me share with you a little painting that I did this week (I love squirrels. A lot.)

Here's a detail of this 4" x 4" painting. A little beebee.


In other news, I am currently working on a window display for Lamb, for the 19 Windows competition. The windows have to be up by June 21st, so even though it was like 90 degrees in my studio today, I wiped the sweat off with a napkin and kept going at it. Here's a little peak of some of the cool things I found today at the junkyard to fit into my display. Somehow. I still need to figure out exactly how they will fit in.


Another cool thing: I was asked to participate in this blog that showcases 'desks' of artists/ writers/ etc. For those of you who know me pretty well, you will most likely find this humurous, and I am possibly the messiest artist on the planet. I was going to organize for the photos..and thought, nahh...I'll be honest. Plus my Matt Phelps told me it would be untrue if I cleaned it first. So keep an eye for that site for some studio pics and a little interview. I will post it on here as well!

Some sweet shows coming up:

There's one in a new, awwwwesome studio in the 1111 Godfrey building, I believe June 17 or 18? Ill let you know when I get finalized details. Some kick ass illustrators will be showing there.

In October (mark your calendars) Peregrine Angthius and I will be having a show together! Nothing is finalized yet, but we are going to meet up soon and hash some thoughts out. We have been talking about doing something together for a while, and she just confirmed with me that she kicks ass, and she set a show up for us. Thanks Peregrine!

Alright..It's time to get out of this place. It's starting to give me the crepes.

(haha ok, I know it's lame to explain your own jokes, but IHOP serves crepes 'pronounced crapes' and so many people would order 'creeps' Now you can laugh at my stupid clever joke.)

 ....gga gag ga ga goood night folks!