I'm still alive!

Lots to share with you!

I'll make this quick (and painless for you) seeing as I don't have a lot of images due to my computer croaking. Text is boring to read.

But check this:

I have four shows coming up before the end of the year and I am equally stoked about all of them!

The first is ArtPrize, where I will be showing at The Federal Square Building, or the "Spot", curated by the amazing Kevin Boehm. I am doing a larger more realistic painting which I am pretty excited about, seeing as I haven't done rendered work in quite a while. Plus my model is hot. Be sure to check it out come September...the venue should be sweet, seeing as it's the only venue specifically built for ArtPrize.

The first is November 5th at GreenLion Gallery on Fulton, where I will be showing with local (and amazing) illustrator, Peregrine Angthius. She is as cool as her name sounds.

Here is some of her work. Check out her site.

"Beep Beep" by Peregrine Angthius

Isn't it saweet? We met the other day and decided it's going to be a show with no limitations..just work that needs to flow out of us...

Next up on the list: Byrneboehm (my main gallery) is having a six by six those in November, where artists will show six peices at 6"x6". This is going to be a ton of fun for me, as I am used to working in this size.

And to end the year off on a brilliant note, I will be having a solo show at the Grand Rapids Christian School's DeVos Center for Arts and Worship. This is a new sort of venue for my work, so I am thrilled to create this show and meet new people. This show will be more of a narrative, family friendly body of work outlining the things we do that makes us human.

I have some new work to show you, tons of new sketches and a couple of new paintings, but until I have my computer up and running you will just have to use your little imaginations.

I will leave you with this though: A cake topper I recently created for my very great friends, Shaun and Rena Winton. Congrats you two, on your true love for one another. You are both so inspiring and I miss you already..

Only with these two, could I get away with making little rodents for a wedding cake!

Talk to you fools soon! Im off to paint in my newly cleaned studio!