The sun is on us.

So! Last Saturday was an amazing day. First off, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and second, the 19 Windows Competition was happening! And third, my little lambs won the 1st place Juried Award for the Lamb Shop's Window! yyayaay!

And as I promised you, I will show you a process of how the lambs were made.

These little guys started out little blocks of pink foam, glued together in 4 layers.

The blocks were then carved and sanded into lamb like blob shapes. (say that three times fast)

It was an insane mess. After the carving was done, a layer of glue was applied to even out the surface and keep the layers together.

After that, a layer of paper and glue was applied to further smooth out the surface.

I was going to sculpt the eyes only, to give them a realistic quality, but I ended up liking the texture so much, I covered the entire head.

But then after I baked it, I realized that foam expands in the oven and my little lamb's head cracked open. It made me sad, but mistakes like these don't surprise me anymore since they happen to me all the time.

I then decided to do air drying clay so that I wouldn't have to worry about it setting and cracking again.

I look tired here, probably because I was. I made the ears out of fabric and wire, to keep them staying upright and then covered them too, with clay.

I was going to paint them realistically and it creeped me out. And I thought it would creep you out. So I painted them all white, which matched Lamb's aesthetic pretty well. The base of his body was also carved out of foam, covered in clay and spray painted white. The interior shelf of his body was carved out and hand painted and pretty teal color. I love teal.

After finishing him and the other lamb, I went to the junk yard, salvaged up some really cool jars, drawers, and giant light bulbs, did some painting and arranging and voila! A little window was born. Thanks to everyone who came down and every one who put this event together. It was a pleasure to create!

Im off to close the coffee shop! Ill post more soon.

Enjoy your night. Please.