Little Update for Chipmunk Love.

Because I can't imagine anything more stop-you-in-your-tracks adorable than two chipmunks in love. I have never even seen it, but it's a magical rarity that I hope to someday feast my eyes on. Since I've never witnessed it, I decided I would draw it. (What else is art for?)

Haha. The Sketch itself is about an inch in both directions. I drew it while I was at the laundry mat. The driers there are so large I feel as though I might be able to fit a small child in them, and someday when no ones around, I might.

Speaking of children, I recently did a book cover for the Creative Youth Center's new publication they have coming out. Here is a little sneak peak, but I think that's all I can give away for now..

What else? I am busy working on a large painting for artprize right now...and I have images but I have misplaced my camera.'ll have to actually come see it! I kid. I'll have pictures for you soon.

I am also headin on a trip to Montreal on Tuesday, which I am thouroughly stoked about. I am hoping to find lots of interesting inpirations, so if you feel like it, check back to see some sketches I am hoping to bring forth into the world.

It's a night like no other. Just like every other night. Get it?