Coffee Loves....

Hi All!

I just returned from Montreal..a beautiful city full of Boulangeries, Les Femme Belle, and sweet sweet buildings. (how do you say that in French?) I will have some pictures for you soon, once I get my film developed, and I have a couple of sketches to share with you.

I thought for now, I would keep your eyes occupied with some little coffee signs I just made for The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand.

If your in Grand Rapids, you should stop by, not to see the coffee signs, but to try the amazing coffee. Or tea. Or baked goods. mmmm.

I have one more painting for you...this one is up at Byrneboehm Gallery, I just hadn't had time to post it yet.

Im also busy working on my painting for artprize..but Ill have to post pictures of that tomorrow. You know..give you something to wake up for. haha.

I hope you all are having a lovely night. Take a break. Smell that Autumn coming our way.. it's bliss.