I love squirrels.

They are my favorite animals. I want one tattooed on me so I can look at it everyday.

Today I went for a walk in the woods to do some research for a large painting I'm starting (I love my job). I found all sorts of awesome mushrooms and leaves and little flowers, a giant navy ant thing with wings eating an equally large spider, and a squirrel (the ant thing wasn't eating the squirrel, the squirrel is a separate find). 

And I took a picture of this squirrel. Amanda..what should his name be?

He didn't even care that I was documenting his meal. He just kept right on eating. 

This is a little group of berries I found. All greens and browns, right, in the woods and this poppy red love is sticking out like a sore thumb. Isn't she purdy?

This is the crazy ant thing! See the spider behind him? He dragged the spider there and was digging a little eating cave. (perhaps to feed his little navy ant thing babies?)

And these are the celestial mushrooms I found. Looks like it came from the ocean, huh?

I've saved the best for last: My adventure counterpart. He's cuter 'n all the woods and all it's treasures.

All in all, I am stoked to get started on this painting. It's a 2' x 6' painting..the largest I have ever done. I will keep you posted with progress in the days ahead. 

In other news, my artprize painting is coming to a finish. I have just a couple more days to complete it, and I am feeling good about it. It's a pretty large painting as well, and will be on display at the Federal Square Building, or "The Spot". 

Here are a couple of peeks at it, but you will have to come down to check the painting out to see the whole thing. There, you will find about 20 other amazing artists exhibiting works. 

Artprize opens Sept 20, so mark your calendars and stop down to check out the painting in person! 

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely late summer evening. Feel the crisp and enjoy it. It doesn't stick around long.