In the Werks.

I was looking through 'The Art Book' last night..flippin through centuries of artists, and what I focused on was their birth and death dates. So many of them died so young. Even the ones that made it well into their 80's, so young. Just reminded me of how fleeting we are. We take everything so seriously, but at the end of day, it leaves me feeling insignificant..but at the same time, so important. Everyday is so important but means nothing. Everything is everything. Weird. 

On a totally different note, since this is a blog about my artwork and not my philosophical freak outs, I wanted to share some upcoming things with you!

I don't have too many images, but here's one I do have. 

It's a little peak of the most recent project I am working on: Designing an ice sculpture to be created by the ICE GURUS! It's such a different medium to design, but I think it's going to be a blast. These guys are so talented, check out their work if you haven't already...

The actual ice sculpture was commissioned by Grand Rapids Community College and is going to be on display during artprize. There, GRCC will have a tent and will be showcasing different programs, as part of their GRCC Works Campaign.

Included in this campaign, are some pieces of merchandise that I was asked to illustrate for. This project was super fun, allowing me to sharpen my line drawing skills. They will be doing give-aways at this event which will be sweet. GRCC has so many programs there that I never design..and they have a greenroof! I spent so much time across the street from there and never knew how cool the school was!

Here is a sneak peak of the line work done for the merchandise..


Okay, I have very very excited news for you all! But..Im going to save it for next I am at Sparrows and am going to help my lovely friend close the coffee shop. 

Off to Chicago tomorrow, but next week I'll have some sweet updates. And some sweet pictures. 

Love you all. Have a perfect weekend. Life is short. Live the shit out of it.