Soupale Cool.

I have some project in the works for you, but first, let me share with you, something extremely exciting! 

This coming January, yours truly will be published in the eleventh issue of BLUECANVAS Magazine! Thank you for everyone who nominated my work for the publication. I am honored, and there are so many talented artists out there, and I am constantly turning to that magazine for inspiration. I have some new large paintings in the works, which I will submit for the magazine soon. :) Yay! If your not familiar with BLUECANVAS Magazine, check it out here! This is the newest issue, #9. Check it out, and if your in Grand Rapids, head to Sparrows..they sell it there. (along with amazing coffee)

I am also currently working on a show with Peregrine Angthius, which will be at GreenLion Gallery on November 5th. The work for this show is going to be a little different from my normal work. I want to take more a little messier. Here is a sneak peak!

This little guy is far from done, but you'll have to come to the show to check out the finished version. 

Also, I am adding some work to the illustration section of my site, from January. I finally got around to scanning it, so check it out. It's from The Primal Issue of Bitch Magazine. 

Here's a peek!


Ahh! I gotta run! But more to tell you tomorrow. Book covers and writing classes and chipmunk sketches! Stay tuned!

Much love from the mitten state!