A real day off?

As an artist it's hard from me to separate my work from my life, and that is why I'm sharing with you, my work, on my day off. I've been producing lots of work as of late, and felt a bit burnt out last night. So after this post, I am going home to sweep off my porch and put out my little squash friends that I just bought from the farmers market. 

Today, I stopped by Byrneboehm Gallery to drop off a painting and I thought I would share it with you. I've got..5 paintings up at the gallery right now, so if you'd like to check out some work in person, head on over there to take a peak. 

Also, if your off galavanting through the streets during artprize, be sure to stop down to The Spot, which is the venue located in the Federal Square building. I have a large painting down there, amidst about 20 other artists...all of which provide an eclectic yet charming presentation. 

OK. Time to go spruce up my place for my favorite season.