New plans as the sun shines through..

Now that fall is here, I am buckling down..waking with my fella at six. Off to work by 8:30, and to my surprise, it's an absolute delight! Generally, I work into the wee hours of the night, but I am trying to get a better schedule going. I feel like it might make me a little more professional..maybe give me some more gusto any time someone cocks their head at my carreer choice. "You're an artist? So like, all you do is sit in here and paint all day?" Yeah jerk. But I wake up early to do it. haha

I started on a very large painting this morning. Sometimes when I paint, something cute happens and I can hardly stand what I'm painting becasue the object is so heartwrenching in an adorable way. Today I am painting chipmunks and deer. I want to cry everytime I look at the board becasue these creatures just cut right to my core. Those big watery eyes. Oh!

Ill send ya some little photos tomorrow. I just wanted to pop on today to say hi, hello, the weather is beautiful and Im so thankful for breaths. Autumn is here!