Upcoming Show!

A date has been set. The caterer has been hired. The contracts have been signed. Now all I have to do is paint.





TerryBerry Gallery

{Works by Rebecca Green}

May 4 - June 28, 2012  |  Opening Reception, May 4th


Seeing as Im in Mississippi without the comforts of boards and brushes, I have been doing lots of planning, drawing, thinking. Looking forward to creating new paintings... I have some new techniques that I have been wanting to try.

I went this past week to the Memphis Brooks Art Muesum, and was very intrigued by the late 19th century portraits. Their clothing, and the simple way that it was painted was beauitful. There was a painting there by Bouguereau, and I fell entranced. Now this isn't usually the type of work that I go for, but there is something about it. The way that her flesh is painted..

So beautiful. It's titled, "Au Pied de la Falaise". 

In other news about great artists: I am going to visit a good friend of mine tomorrow, to visit his studio at Arrowmont; Dustin Farnsworth. He just so happens to be a brilliant sculptor, writer, and craftsman. Today he updated the world on his new work, which opens in a show at Mid Tennessee State University. Check him out. I'm excited to visit and see his work space. Ill sneak some pictures and share them with you!

Ok friends, enjoy this beautiful day. Kiss a dog. Tell someone a joke. Even if it's dirty. But not creepy. Don't tell creepy jokes.