Drawing spring things brings me color..

Say that three times fast! 

The last two mornings, I have been creating the new illustration for the embroidary project in the upcoming spring issue of CraftSanity. It's been a super fun project, and I am pretty happy with how it finished today. I won't tell you the embroidary pattern yet (because I don't have it drawn) and also, because it's a surprise!

Here's a little process preview, but I'll wait to unveil the whole thing when the magazine comes out. I think it comes out in April, I'll have to double check.

It's a little girl and her plants. Here's the beginning sketch of her. 

Then I painted in her rain slicker and most of her features. This was applied over a layer of poppy red. 

But then I didn't like the dog...after painting it and changing the color three times. So I put tracing paper over it and drew a new dog to see if that would work better, which it did. 

And I've given you enough! You have to wait to see the finished version when the magazine comes out. 

More exciting things on the way! Festival Fete Posters, new gallery paintings, and show announcements.


Have such an amazing brilliant day. Throw a snowball at a stranger. But not hard. Like, not hard at all. And smile. And see what they do. And report back.