Art Festival Poster

Today I finished the Festival Fete Art Festival Poster which is to be used for the upcoming event in June. The poster was great to paint, especially becasue I was able to do all the typography for it. Here's a little sneak of the finished painting. I'll share with you the whole final this week...

This week I am also starting some larger paintings for my upcoming shows which I am pretty stoked about. I have had some images in my mind for some time, and to start sketching is always interesting. It always reminds me of how unclear my mental images really are. 

None the less, I am looking forward to the attempt. It never turns out how I picture it anyways, but it's always a little better. The process calls for mistakes which inevitably calls for more layers. My layers aren't planned. They are cover ups. :)

I've had enough coffee to keep the state of Michigan awake for a week. I'm going to try and combat that with some sleep. 

Good sleepy night my fellow people of the Earth.